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The grape varieties and crus of Savoie

Savoie wines owe their typicity to their grape varieties, which are particularly suited to the climate and the limestone subsoil. Savoie’s second most important agricultural activity after cheese production, the Savoie wine industry boasts 23 grape varieties.

23 varieties particularly suited to the climate and limestone subsoil

Main white grape varieties

  • Jacquère : the most widely grown variety, which covers 50% of the Savoie vineyards. It produces a pale, crisp and slightly sparkling wine, with notes of minerals and white flowers. Crus: Apremont, Chignin, Saint Jeoire Prieuré, Abymes, Jongieux, Cruet
  • Altesse : accounts for 10% of the vineyard but is becoming more common. It is used to produce complex, floral and fruity wines, which combine richness and freshness. Crus: Marestel, Monthoux, Monterminod, Frangy, Seyssel
  • Roussanne : accounts for only 4% of the vineyard. It produces the single-varietal wine Chignin-Bergeron, an oily wine with strong aromas of ripe fruit (apricot and quince) and notes of honey.
  • Chasselas :covers 5% of the vineyard. It produces wines with aromas of buttered toast and dried fruit. Crus: Crépy, Marignan, Marin, Ripaille.

Main red grape varieties

  • Mondeuse : accounts for 12% of the vineyard. Richly coloured, tannic, with aromas of spices, white pepper and black fruits (blackcurrant). Crus: Arbin, St Jean-de-la-Porte.
  • Gamay : covers 15% of the vineyard. It produces fruity and highly perfumed wines. Crus: Chautagne, Jongieux
  • Persan : a variety native to the Maurienne Valley (Savoie), it is experiencing a gradual revival in the Combe de Savoie. It produces well-structured wines with a unique aroma.

145,000 hectoliters of wine produced per year

Savoie viticulture in figures

  • 2200 hectares of vineyards
  • 540 winegrowers
  • 3 Origin Label
  • 20 geographical designations
  • 23 varieties
  • 19% of the net agricultural business
  • 145,000 hectoliters of wine produced per year (68% white, 24% red,4% pink, 4% sparkling) turnover of 52 M€
  • Second French producer of vine nurseries (vines) in France and abroad.