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Slow tourism

Need to rediscover the pleasure of taking your time? Want to enjoy living in the moment and exploring without hurrying? What if you let yourself be tempted by a « slow tourism » experience in Chambéry?

As curious as it may seem, the totem animal of Chambéry is the elephant – all you have to do is come and visit us to find out more about this amazing story!

The pachyderm is renowned for the slow rhythm of its movements and its incredible memory… This description is perfectly suited to define what slow tourism is all about… Take your time to discover the riches of nearby destinations, thanks to environmentally friendly modes of transport… Ignore the visits at a hellish pace and switch to « elephant » mode to enjoy the benefits of slow life and discover the hospitality of Chambéry… Let yourself be amazed by 5 emblematic places of Chambéry, one step at a time at a gentle pace

Let Chambéry reveal its secrets little by little

Tracking the elephants

Let Chambéry reveal its secrets little by little

Start your walk through Chambery with the route entitled « Tracking the elephants ». You will be able to follow the elephants engraved on brass plates that line the streets of the city. From square to mansion, passing by the cathedral and the fountain of the elephants, you will take the secret passageways (Chambéry locals call them « allées ») and medieval alleys to discover the historical city at close quarters and at your own pace.

This discovery will be a paradise for gourmets and lovers of beautiful things because the itinerary on the back of elephants will take you to local craftsmen to taste cheeses, regional products and other chocolates. You will also discover Savoyard creators and will be captivated by their inventiveness and unique creations, be it jewellery, ceramics, clothing, works of art, etc. A journey as a source of inspiration on the quest for a souvenir gift in the colours of Chambéry.

To find out the little story behind each step, download the EsKapades application for iPhone or Android.

This application will also provide you with all the information you need to fully enjoy the must-sees in Chambéry!

Share the dreams of a solitary walker

The Jean-Jacques Rousseau Trail

Share the dreams of a solitary walker

If one had asked the philosopher of the Enlightenment Jean-Jacques Rousseau whatwhat the path to happiness was, he would no doubt have answered that it was precisely this path, which today bears his name. Indeed, it was the path he took to visit the woman he loved, Madame de Warens, in the house ‘the Charmettes’.

This building is also mentioned in his book Les Confessions. This house holds a special place in French literature, because many other authors came to draw their inspiration from it: Stendhal, George Sand, Alphonse de Lamartine… The Charmettes house is full of romanticism!

You will stroll through its garden, orchard and vineyards, testimony to the spirit of the Enlightenment thanks to its dozens of species of medicinal, vegetable, aromatic and ornamental plants. The route to reach these places that inspire daydreaming is no less poetic, since it invites you to stroll in several parks and admire superb panoramas over the valley of Chambéry.

Marvel gently at the ‘baujus’ landscapes in the Bauges Mountains

The Comfort Walk of the Chéran Islands

Marvel gently at the ‘baujus’ landscapes in the Bauges Mountains

A ‘comfortable’ walk? It is a short walk, with very little vertical drop, on wide paths where strollers, people with reduced mobility or in wheelchairs can gosafely and easily. But it is also a route that amazes and enchants young and old alike! The Comfort Walk of the Chéran Islands deserves this label, because it gives you the chance to admire a wild river with preserved biodiversity, bodies of water housed in a cocoon of greenery and a magnificent waterfall. To motivate the troops, many breaks are planned on the route: games; snacks; a chamois and angora goat farm; a Himalayan footbridge over the Chéran.

At the end, you’ll enjoy swimming from the beach. Fishing enthusiasts will not be outdone since there is a fishing lake nearby. Activities for children are planned so that the youngest ones will not get bored.

Discover an unspoilt site on tiptoes

The Creusates peat bog

Discover an unspoilt site on tiptoes

Go to the Creusates peat bog for a trip through geological eras. Enjoy an easy family walk past remnants of a lake that disappeared 12,000 years ago, this exceptional peat bog, the deepest in Savoy. The route allows you to soak up the quiet strength of the mountains. You will feel truly at peace in this majestic setting.

The start is above the hamlet of La Magne, at the entrance to the Nordic domain of Saint-François-de-Sales. Along the way, various educational terminals invite you to discover the panorama that opens before you, to learn more about the flora and geology, but also about the history of the place and its inhabitants.

Part of the walk is on wooden plank paths mounted on stilts. Very comfortable to walk on, these paths have been created to preserve the unique vegetation and biodiversity of the site, by hiking only on these paths.

Travel through the Chambéry valley to your own rhythm

Bike ride and cruise on the V63

Travel through the Chambéry valley to your own rhythm

What’s behind this mysterious code name? Quite simply the adventure ‘véloroute 63’ (cycle route)! A total of 35 kilometres, to be covered in one or several stages, using both shared, safe roads and quiet, bucolic greenways.

From Chambéry, two itineraries are possible, from one lake to another, heading north or rather south. For the southern part, up to the Isère valley and Lake Saint-André; in the north, towards Lake Bourget, up to Aix-les-Bains and then Chanaz.

In the North: the green way winds its way for 17 km to Aix-les-Bains via the Mottets beach (Viviers-du-Lac) and the Lido beach (Tresserve). The ride can even be enhanced by a cruise on a ‘bicycle boat’ on the Lac du Bourget from the large port of Aix-les-Bains to Chanaz.

To the south: 11 km of delightful little roads winding between the vineyards offer you an incomparable view of the Belledonne mountain range, Mount Granier and of course, Lake Saint-André.

To avoid getting lost on the way, don’t forget to download the EsKapades application! It also offers a wide range of ideas for beautiful getaways…