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Nature parks

Chambéry has three nature parks right on its doorstep… Three unspoilt environments with unique flora and fauna, where you can get away from it all and marvel at the wonders of nature.

Bauges: an oasis of unspoilt nature

The Massif des Bauges regional nature park

A region of surprises

Head out and explore this remarkable region, an oasis of unspoilt nature with a diverse landscape of villages nestled amid meadows and forests, all surrounded by peaks which can reach heights of over 2,000 metres. Whether you travel on foot, on horseback, with a donkey, by bike, by paraglider, on skis, or in snowshoes, the Massif des Bauges, which was listed as a Geopark in 2011, has amazing heritage to explore. Supported by UNESCO, the international Geopark network consists of around a hundred regions. The Geopark label plays a part in developing a region’s economy and tourist industry by showcasing its geoheritage (its landscape and geological curiosities, traditional and contemporary ways of using resources above and below ground).

To find out more about the Parc du Massif des Bauges visit : www.parcdesbauges.com

Vanoise : the oldest of France’s national parks

The Vanoise national park

The most extensive of the conservation areas

The oldest of France’s national parks, the Parc national de la Vanoise was created in 1963 to protect the mountain goat. Situated in Savoy, between the Maurienne and Tarentaise Valleys, it contains almost a hundred peaks of over 3,000 metres. The 3,855 metre high Grande Casse is also the highest point in the département. Straddling 29 communes, the national park has a 53,500 hectare protected zone at its centre and an outer zone covering 146,500 hectares. Its highly diverse natural environments boast a wide biodiversity, which includes the bearded vulture, the golden eagle and the ptarmigan, etc., and among the 1,200 recorded plants, there is the linnaea, an Arctic-Alpine species. Large numbers of rock carvings provide evidence of human settlement at high altitudes since the Neolithic period and the park is now noted for its time-honoured pastoral tradition which has given us the famous Beaufort cheese. Along with the Italian Gran Paradiso national park, with which it shares a 14 kilometre border, it forms the biggest conservation area in the Western Alps.

To find out more about the Vanoise national park visit : www.vanoise-parcnational.fr

Chartreuse : The emerald of the Alps

The Chartreuse regional nature park

The emerald of the Alps

The Massif de Chartreuse, between Chambéry, Voiron and Grenoble, greets its visitors with a spectacle consisting of one breathtaking landscape after another: the foot of spectacular cliffs, the depths of the forests and a magnificent alpine pastures, and up to an altitude of 2,082 metres at the Chamechaude summit. The small mountain villages provide an opportunity to escape and enjoy a change of scenery, on foot, by bike, by trail bike or by paraglider, always keeping your eyes open for the orchids, ibex or eagle owls (the emblem of the regional nature park) which are to be found in the mountains.

To find out more about the Chartreuse regional nature park visit : www.parc-chartreuse.net