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Micro adventures

Leave your passport, vaccination booklet and mosquito net at home. No need to take a plane to experience the adventure, it’s just a few steps away from your home! Ready for micro adventures with maximum fun in Chambéry?

Micro-adventure means a change of scenery without increasing your carbon footprint. It is also feeling the thrill without polluting nature, it is doing sports at your own pace.

To experience unparalleled emotions, under a teepee or under the earth’s crust, aboard a gyropod or at the top of a mountain, in an alpine refuge or under the stars, discover five micro-adventures to experience in the Chambéry region!

An atmosphere worthy of the Great Plains of America

Fancy an unusual night in a tepee village?

An atmosphere worthy of the Great Plains of America

Admit it: you’ve always dreamed of living like an American Indian ever since you saw Dancing with Wolves! Your dream is coming true today in the Savoie Grand Revard mountain pastures. A village of tepees awaits you there for memorable nights around the campfire. Extreme adventurers can even enjoy this experience when the snow covers the tepees and the surrounding landscape. The village is open all year round, and you can book your tipi summer and winter. You will experience an adventure, but without sacrificing comfort! The tipis are equipped with: beds with a slatted base, sleeping bags to protect you from the cold down to -18 °C, and a wood stove.

Sanitary facilities are provided in the village in order to preserve the natural environment. All you have to do is make smoke signals to gather your whole tribe in the tipi village – which can accommodate up to 34 people at a time.

A journey to the center of the Earth

Want to pretend you’re a troglodyte by sleeping in a cave?

A journey to the center of the Earth

Go on a micro-adventure and experience sleeping six feet under the ground. The subtle sounds of life underground will rock you and you’ll sleep like a baby, even in this unusual setting. To start the adventure, the speleologist from Karst 3E will first take you down into a cave, in total darkness, to an underground bivouac. Your hands grope in the dark, the sounds take on another dimension, your senses are disoriented.

When you arrive at the bivouac, to gladden your heart, a typical – and invigorating – Savoyard meal awaits you! Your caving guide will share his passion for geology in general and the Bauges massif in particular with you. The massif has been labeled World Geopark by UNESCO. After all these emotions, you will be able to slip into your cozy comforter, for a night rocked by the song of the earth…

A different point of view on the landscapes

Want to fly over the vineyards in a gyropod?

A different point of view on the landscapes

The name « gyropod » alone seems to evoke an adventure in the world of science fiction… However, you’ll move effortlessly, freely and with respect for the environment over real down to earth landscapes! In complete freedom, but above all almost soundlessly, allowing you to observe nature without disturbing it. Mounted on this magical machine, you leave either from the lake Saint-André, a Natura 2000 classified area, or from Chignin, on the gentle paths that wind between the vineyards.

The electric vehicle is easy to control: a guide will introduce you to its handling beforehand and accompany you throughout the ride. This is an invitation to spend time with your family: the gyropod is accessible to people with reduced mobility who can stand upright and to children weighing more than 40 kilos. All you have to do is book a date with ‘Events et Loisirs’.

A visual and gustatory change of scenery

Feel like pedaling to the Creux de Lachat refuge?

A visual and gustatory change of scenery

« Marvel, taste, move »: these are the key words of a walk in the Bauges massif. Reaching the Creux de Lachat refuge by mountain bike, starting from the Revard, Arith or Saint-François-de-Sales ski resorts, makes all three happen at the same time. On one hand, you will marvel while crossing grandiose landscapes. On the other hand, when you reach the Creux de Lachat refuge, you taste the joy of having reached your goal by savouring delicious typical Savoyard cuisine. The reward after all your effort!

Finally, you move around on your mountain bike along the marked roads and paths that lead you to unique panoramas. Throughout your trip you will discover the Coeur des Bauges. Imagine that you reach the heart of the Hobbit Country: the change of scenery between the cliffs left behind and the gentle valleys with their changing colours is surprising. Take a deep breath and enjoy the beauty of the site!

A sunrise as an alarm clock

Feel like an adventure with a bivouac in the Bauges Mountains?

A sunrise as an alarm clock

There’s no need to travel thousands of kilometres to experience an adventure in a wild and unspoiled natural setting.
How about donning your backpack and heading up the trails to the summit. The ideal is to start your hike in the afternoon, to reach the chosen place for the bivouac at the end of the day, when the sky is adorned with the most beautiful colours of the setting sun. Depending on the outside temperature, you unfold the tent or unroll your mattress. Once you have eaten your snack, you slip into your cosy sleeping bag to spend the night under the stars. In the early morning, the first light of dawn wakes you up. Little by little, the birdsong becomes louder and louder. And soon, majestic and tinting all the landscape with soft hues, the sun rises… How beautiful the mountain is!

To protect nature, bivouacs are forbidden in the area of the national hunting and wildlife reserve of the Bauges Mountains. For more information discover the delimitation map of the Bauges National Hunting and Wildlife Reserve.