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The INCOM project

INnovation and COMmerce in support of the tourism offer

In 2013 and 2014, Cuneo (Piedmont) and Chambéry worked together on an Alcotra project, a European cross-border cooperation programme. The project, entitled “INCOM”, involves a partnership between the cities of Cuneo and Chambéry, the Cuneo Chamber of Commerce, and Cônitours (the Consortium of tourism operators in the province of Cuneo). The aim of the partnership is to promote a series of tangible and intangible projects designed to showcase the tourism industry, by drawing on commercial expertise, which is an important element in the tourism value chains of both cities. The two cities are quite similar, in both economic and tourism terms. It was logical, therefore, that in its search for a partner with which to submit an Alcotra application dossier, Cuneo should look to Chambéry, which offered fields of competence to complement its own. Cuneo is more advanced in terms of new technologies and Chambéry has more experience in developing its economy and tourism industry. The project has the additional aim of developing local trade. So the project enables the two cities to exchange knowledge and expertise in these different areas.

About Cuneo

Founded in 1198, Cuneo gets its name from the shape of the plateau, at the confluence of the River Gesso and the River Stura, on which it stands. It consists of a triangle, one side of which extends across the centre of the plain, whilst the two others face the mountains and the six beautiful valleys which lead to France. Known as the “city of seven sieges”, it is a wild, rebellious place, but also a vibrant city, known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere. Hundreds of metres of porticos line the old town’s main street, the Via Roma, forming a huge open-air shopping complex which stretches as far as the vast, elegant Piazza Galimberti, the town’s “ trade fair “. It is here, too, that the Resistance and the Gold Medal, of which the city is so proud, are commemorated. The main streets are lined with the portals of venerable old churches, the Town Hall and the houses of the old aristocracy, whilst the narrower streets conceal gems such as the Santa Clara and Santa Croce churches, the Contrada Mondovi which houses the synagogue from the former Jewish ghetto, the Toselli Theatre and Medieval private mansions, all watched over by the ancient San Francesco church. A swathe of greenery at the foot of the old town walls forms a huge park which encircles the city. From there, the large number of avenues and gardens, such as the Viale Angeli, earn Cuneo the title “Green Capital of Piedmont “. For further information visit the city of Cuneo website (in Italian):www.comune.cuneo.gov.it