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Les Tables de l'Alpe

Les Tables de l’Alpe: a club to showcase Alpine gastronomy. The Savoyard cuisine of today has its roots in the gastronomic traditions of Savoy. One of the most brilliant royal courts of 15th century Europe and a bastion of good taste, new exotic products which arrived here over the centuries the centuries, and local produce of consistently high quality, all these elements have combined to create a cuisine of contrasts, a fusion of the rustic and the refined.

It was with the aim of preserving these virtues and to further enrich local traditions that the Festival International des Métiers de Montagne (International Mountain Professionals Association) founded the Tables de l’Alpe club in 2008.
All Chambéry chefs, who share the same commitment to traditional values, methods, local produce and expertise, the club’s members aim to showcase this dynamic and genuine cuisine by:

  • promoting Chambéry cuisine
  • publicising the high quality and flavour of Savoyard produce
  • reinforcing the city’s healthy image
  • bringing clients together around a recurring theme
  • bringing together restaurateurs who share the same values

The Tables de l’Alpe concept involves bringing together high quality Alpine produce and the expertise of Chambéry’s restaurateurs. The club currently has 10 members, all renowned restaurateurs.

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