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Tourism and disability

Chambéry Tourist office holds a “Tourisme et Handicap” quality label covering the four types of disability. It guarantees its commitment to providing people with disabilities with reliable, consistent and objective information about the accessibility of the city’s different attractions and places of interest, accommodation options, restaurants etc. and to taking into account each individual’s particular disability (motor, visual, hearing and mental).

The aim of the “Tourisme et Handicap” logo is to provide reliable, detailed and objective information about the accessibility of attractions and tourism facilities, taking into account all types of disability, and to develop tourism products which are both adapted to the needs of disabled visitors and integrated into the general range of tourism products. The “Tourisme & Handicap” label is a response to requests from disabled people who want to have the freedom to choose their own holidays and leisure activities. The label guarantees efficient provision which caters for disabled people’s most urgent needs. The documents used in the assessment process which led to the award of the label were drawn up in cooperation with tourism service providers’ associations and representatives of people with disabilities. To meet its objectives, Chambéry Tourisme & Congrès has produced a guide book containing practical and tourist information for people with specific needs The guide lists the city’s various heritage sites and leisure facilities, accommodation options and restaurants which can cater for people with specific needs

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