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With their expert knowledge of the region, our Sales Team and their manager Séverine Armenjon will make arrangements on your behalf and guarantee you a personalised and bespoke service.

Whether you are an organisation, a coach hire company or a group of friends, whether you want to organise a day in Chambéry or a discovery tour in the Savoie region, the team is here to help with any advice or bookings you may require:

  • tours of Chambéry,
  • tours around the Savoie Mont Blanc region,
  • hotels or restaurants,
  • leisure services providers…

How you benefit

  • Just 1 point of contact – the team will organise customised or ready-made excursions for you
  • 1 network of high quality service providers – prices to suit your requirements
  • Just 1 bill to pay – you pay Chambéry Tourisme & Congrès and they will pay all the visit and tour operators for you.

Who to contact

For a personalised service tailored to the tastes and characteristics of your group:

Séverine Armenjon

Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme
Groups department
Address: 800 avenue du Grand Ariétaz, 73000 Chambéry
Tel: + 33 (0)4 79 33 81 63
Mail: commercial@grandchamberyalpes-tourisme.com