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Grand Chambéry Alpes Tourisme Cycle routes around Chambéry

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Cycle routes around Chambéry

Grand Chambéry Alpes offers you the opportunity to discover or rediscover the enchanting landscapes of the Massif des Bauges and the Chambéry valley through experiences on road bikes, mountain bikes or electrically assisted bikes for all levels, with family or friends.
Between cycle routes, greenways, passes and climbs, 500 km of cycle routes await those who are passionate about two-wheeled vehicles or those who want to discover new things and get away from it all.
Discover the routes we offer and experience a 100% natural immersion in the heart of the region. Our partners with the « accueil vélo » label will give you the best welcome during your stops or stages.

Want to stay a few days to test all the circuits?

Here is a selection of accommodations with the « Cycle Friendly » label which guarantees a range of services perfectly adapted to your expectations:

Mount Revard Cycle Route

Mount Revard Cycle Route

Departure from Chambéry on the northern green avenue reserved for cyclists in the direction of Le Bourget-du-Lac, then Aix-les-Bains along the banks of Lake Bourget.

  • You can stop at the Maison des Pêcheurs in Viviers-du-Lac, on the shores of Lake Bourget, for a refreshing break with your feet in the water.

From Aix-les-Bains take the direction of Trévignin, then of Mont Revard in the Bauges Mountains.

  • Possible stop at the Boulangerie La Patire in Trévignin. A nice little bakery in the country, where you will find old-fashioned bread, baked in a wood-fired oven, and many home-made pastries.
  • Enjoy the scenery at the Belvedere of Mont Revard. Since the creation of three pontoons above the void, it offers a breathtaking 360° view, from Lake Bourget below to Mont Blanc in the background. You can eat at the panoramic restaurant Les 4 Vallées.

Leaving Le Revard, you’ll continue to La Féclaz. Several possibilities of restoration in this small family resort before going back down to Chambéry.

  • Restaurant Le Sapey welcomes you in a friendly atmosphere. You will find a traditional cuisine based on savoyard products.
  • At restaurant Le Saint Jo, Frédérique and Slo warmly offer you their local cuisine. At noon, you will enjoy a panoramic terrace while listening to the sound of the cowbells.
  • At convivial panoramic hotel-restaurant Notre Dame des Neiges, have a taste of the welcoming Grangeat family’s cooking and specialities.

Take the road back to Chambéry, passing through the village of Saint-Jean d’Arvey and the town of Saint-Alban-Leysse.

Pont de l’Abîme cycle route

Pont de l’Abîme cycle route

Departure from Chambéry in direction of the Bauges Mountains passing through Saint-Jean d’Arvey and the Plainpalais pass before going down to Arith. You are in a regional natural park labeled Geopark by Unesco because of its geological wealth.
At the level of the village of St François de Sales, make a small detour to the village of Le Noyer for the following 2 points of interest.

  • The restaurant Chez Cyrille offers a traditional home-made cooking with fresh products.
  • Stop at L’Herbier de la Clappe, an organic aromatic and medicinal plants farm from which emanates the smells and flavors of herbal teas and aperitifs.

Once in Arith, take a short break to discover this pretty little village.

  • Pay Boulangerie Chez Bouboule a visit. This craftsman baker excels in the art of kneading all kind of breads but also pizzas and pastries, which are to be savored with closed eyes.

Take the road back to Cusy, taking the time to admire the Saint-Jacques Towers, which will be on your left. Like sentinels, the vertiginous Tours Saint-Jacques watch over the passage of the Chéran river, from the Bauges mountains to the Albanais plain.
Before arriving in Cusy, make a slight detour to discover the Pont de l’Abîme: a suspension bridge with a span of 74.80 meters. This work of art allows the departmental road linking the communes of Cusy and Gruffy to cross the Chéran river at a height of 96 meters.

  • You can stop at the Boulangerie Paccard to try also the Saint-Genix, a brioche with pralines, their specialty!

From Cusy, continue towards Grésy sur Aix, then Aix les Bains.

  • Take a gourmet break at the Fromagerie de St Oursfor a taste of famous local cheese, Tome des Bauges.
  • Stop at the Boulangerie Lucien in Grésy sur Aix. Open every day, this bakery offers numerous sweets, all home-made with regional products.

Return to Chambéry by following the shores of Lake Bourget to the town of Bourget-du-Lac, then by taking the northern green avenue reserved for cyclists.

Across Marocaz

Across Marocaz

Departure from Chambéry by the southern green avenue reserved for cyclists to the village of Myans.

  • Stop at Boulangerie Varcin to try some of this bakery specialties such as saffron bread, Saint-Genix or Rioutes. All breads, pastries and snacks are home-made.
  • Visit the Sanctuary of Myans, erected in memory of the landslide of the Mont Granier and which is overhung by a golden Virgin.

Then continue to Les Marches and take the direction of Montmélian, with the possibility of having a lunch break at the bar-restaurant « La Glycine ».
Continue in the direction of Arbin, then Cruet by taking the wines road. You will pass near wine estates labeled Vignobles & Découvertes (Vineyards & Discoveries). Don’t hesitate to take a break for a tasting of emblematic Savoy wines such as Chignin-Bergeron, Mondeuse d’Arbin or Roussette de Savoie.

From Cruet, take the direction of Col de Marocaz, then Curienne.

  • On your way, you can stop at the Ferme de la Thuile where you will find delicious cow and goat cheeses.
  • Take a 1 km detour if you wish to discover the charming little lake of La Thuileand have a well-deserved picnic break
  • For a more substantial lunch, stop at the Auberge du Lacfor a traditional and copious cuisine made from local products.

Go back down to Curienne then take the direction of Saint-Alban-Leysse for the return to Chambéry.

Colombier d’Aillon cycle circuit

Colombier d’Aillon cycle circuit

Departure from Chambéry in the direction of Aillon-le-Jeune in the Massif des Bauges, passing through the villages of Saint-Jean d’Arvey, Thoiry and the Col des Prés. You will discover the diversity of the landscapes of this regional natural park labeled Geopark by Unesco.

From Aillon-le-Jeune, continue towards Aillon-le-Vieux, then the villages of La Compôte and Ecole.

  • Stop at the restaurant La Vipérine in La Compôte, a family inn that offers traditional food.
  • If you are in the mood for a picnic, Boulangerie Savoyarde in Ecole offers several high-quality organic breads for a well-deserved break!

From Ecole, continue in the direction of Sainte-Reine and the Col du Frêne, before going down in the valley to Saint-Pierre d’Albigny.

  • Take time to visit Castle of Miolans, set on a rocky escarpment overlooking the Combe de Savoie. It is one of the most important monuments of the Savoyard heritage.

From Saint-Pierre d’Albigny, continue by taking the Savoy wine road which crosses the vineyards of Saint-Jean-de-la-Porte, Cruet, Arbin and Les Marches.

  • Make a small detour to discover Lake Saint André, a charming haven surrounded by wineyards and nestled at the foot of the colossal cliff of Mont Granier.

Return to Chambéry by the Avenue Verte Sud, specially reserved for cyclists.

A balcony overlooking Chambéry

A balcony overlooking Chambéry

Departure from Chambéry from the bicycle path that winds through the Buisson Rond Park and its magnificent rose garden, and take the direction of Challes-les-Eaux.
Cross this small spa town, with its casino, its thermal baths and go along the airfield, famous for gliding enthusiasts. If you look up on the right, you will see the chapel at the top of the Mont Saint Michel.

Then continue in the direction of Barby and Saint-Alban-Leysse.

  • Possible stop (with a small detour) at the Archimalt breweryto taste an artisanal beer accompanied by a board of cooked pork meats/cheeses in a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

By continuing on the heights of Saint-Alban-Leysse then Bassens, you will have a pretty point of view on the Cross of Nivolet. Go down towards Chambéry-le-Vieux then La Motte-Servolex and Cognin.
By taking the road to Jacob-Bellecombette, you will attack the foothills of the Chartreuse mountains and enjoy a magnificent viewpoint overlooking the town. Take a break on the Montagnole hill to see the Bourget Lake, the biggest natural lake in France, in the distance, then go back down to the center of Chambéry.

  • Feel the serene atmosphere at Les Charmettes, the house that nested the love story between Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Madame de Warens.

Go down to the center of Chambéry and take the time to discover its preserved historical center, its colorful facades, its lively terraces and the numerous traboules that cross the buildings at the foot of the castle of the Dukes of Savoy.

And if you wish to extend your evening in Chambéry for dinner, two establishments with the « cycle friendly » label will be delighted to welcome you.

  • In the unique setting of a former saddlery workshop Restaurant l’Atelier offers tasty, generous, honest and affordable cuisine made from fresh seasonal produces.
  • Taste the traditional local cheese dishes at Restaurant le Savoyard, where tartiflette, raclette, fondue and other Savoy specialties made the heart of the menu.

Lake Saint André cycle circuit

Lake Saint André cycle circuit

Take the direction of the lake Saint-André by following the road which winds between the houses and the vineyards. In this rural setting, you will enjoy a nice view of the Mont Granier, emblematic summit of the Chartreuse mountains whose immense cliff dominates the valley of Chambéry. You cross the vineyards of the AOC Abymes.

  • Enjoy the tour of Lake Saint-André formed after the collapse of a part of the Granier mountain in 1248. It shelters protected species of birds, plants and insects. Ideal setting for a picnic.
  • For a more refined lunch, try the shaded terrace of Restaurant Le Saint-André and appreciate a fine and gourmet cuisine of contemporary inspiration in the heart of the vineyards.
  • Before resuming the itinerary, pay a visit to the Moulin de la Tourne in Saint-André-Les Marches to see the last traditionnal water-powered paper mill still in activity in the region!

Leaving Lake Saint-André, take the road towards Apremont.

  • Have a taste of Savoy wine at the Domaine Adrien Dacquin, where Apremont, Chardonnay and grape juice are produced in organic farming.

You will continue your journey in the direction of Saint-Baldoph by following the vineyards which blossom on the slopes of Chartreuse, dominated by the majestic Mont Granier whose history is closely linked to that of the vineyards.

  • On the way back, you can also stop at the Domaine Philippe et Sylvain Ravier, producers of Savoy wine for several generations (cellar labeled Vignobles & Découvertes).

Return to Chambéry by the Avenue Verte Sud, specially reserved for cyclists.

Tour of Lake Bourget

Tour of Lake Bourget

Departure from Chambéry along the cycle track on the banks of the Leysse river, in the direction of Le Bourget-du-lac. Follow the direction of the lake then Bourdeau while enjoying the view on the lake.
Climb towards the Col du Chat and then take the direction of Ontex: your efforts will be rewarded by this splendid view on the lake and the surrounding mountains.

  • If you wish to take a break, stop at bar-restaurant le Belvédère d’Ontex – l’O des Flo to enjoy a panoramic view on the lake of Bourget and the Abbey of Hautecombe while tasting a fresh drink or enjoying home-made cooking.
  • Go down to discover the history of Hautecombe Abbey, a 12th century Cistercian abbey which houses the necropolis of the Princes of Savoy.

Take the road again in the direction of Conjux then Chindrieux.

  • Relax at the Auberge de Portout in Conjux. In this inn, savor a family cooking elaborated with local seasonal products.

If you prefer to eat with your feet in the water or to extend your lunch with a swim or a water activity, go further around the lake.

  • Stop on the beach of Châtillon at the restaurant Ô lac, near Chindrieux. There, a varied menu honors the fish of the lake and in particular the frying of small fillets of perch. Possibility to rent pedal boats and canoes to enjoy the lake.
  • Enjoy the terrace of Le Saint Inn, a restaurant-bar-ice-cream parlour offering snacking and deckchair rental for a lazy break by the water. Possibility to rent pedal boats nearby.

Follow the direction of Aix-les-Bains, following the road that crosses the district of the small and large harbor then will lead you to the bicycle path that runs along the edge of the lake, its beaches and its numerous preserved reed beds that shelter swans and wild ducks.

  • Have a refreshing break at Maison des Pêcheurs to enjoy the view of the lake one last time before returning to Chambéry

Take the direction of Bourget-du-lac to find the cycle track and return to Chambéry.

La Charvaz cycle circuit

La Charvaz cycle circuit

Departure from Chambéry along the cycle track on the banks of the Leysse river, in the direction of Le Bourget-du-lac. Follow the direction of the lake then Bourdeau while enjoying the view on the lake.
Climb up to the Col du Chat then take the direction of Billième. You will follow the road of the Chautagne vineyards and its emblematic grape varieties such as the Roussette or the Pinot. Follow the direction of Jongieux.

  • Discover the confidential Roussette cru Marestel at winemaker Domaine Edmond Jacquin, in Jongieux. This family farm labeled high environmental quality also produces the traditional Gamay, Mondeuse and Pinot (estate labeled Vignobles & Découvertes).

Follow the direction of Lucey on the road that winds through the vineyards and villages and will lead you to Chanaz, an authentic village with many craft shops, nicknamed the little Savoyard Venice. Don’t hesitate to take the time to stroll through its picturesque streets or to take a cruise on the Savières canal which connects the Bourget Lake to the Rhône River.

    For a well-deserved lunch break, you can stop:
  • At the Auberge de Savières to taste a traditional family cuisine while enjoying its terrace on the canal.
  • At the restaurant l’Ail des Ours to enjoy a meal in an old mill entirely renovated in the heart of a flowery garden.
  • At the restaurant la Ferme du Bulle to discover many Savoyard specialties in an old restored farm and its pleasant garden.

If you wish to meet the local craftsmen to discover their traditional know-how, Chanaz has a lot to offer.

  • Discover the work of roasting and taste a quality coffee at Brûlerie de Chanaz, a 15th century cellar turned into a burnery.
  • Learn about miller, an ancestral trade slowly disappearing, at Moulin à huile de Chanaz, an oil mill dating from 1868 preserving the forgotten flavors of traditional walnut and hazelnut oils.

Take the direction of Chindrieux then Brison Saint Innocent.

Take the direction of Aix-les-Bains then join the cycle track which goes along the lake to return to Chambéry.