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Major events

Whatever the time of year, there’s always an event to enjoy in Chambéry…


  • Mountain wines biennial (Even-numbered years)

    This 700 m2 market for mountain and steep slope wines is held in even-numbered years and brings together around sixty producers from mountainous areas in France and other parts of the world.
    The aims of the biennial are to increase knowledge and appreciation of mountain wines by organising a forum where producers and members of the public can meet, to promote mountain wine producers amongst the professionals and to stress the importance of the link between cuisine and mountain wines.


  • Les Nuits de la Roulotte

    For ten years, the Les Nuits de la Roulotte festival has livened up winter in Chambéry with the rhythms of gypsy music. It provides a window on gypsy culture through a large number of events: the gyspy camp, concerts, exhibitions, storytelling, cinema…
    The theme of gypsy culture is central to this multi-faceted event, with music being the main element. The spirit of cooperation and friendly party atmosphere have become the trademark of the festival, which has always attracts a loyal and increasingly diverse audience.

    Plus d’infos : http://www.lesnuitsdelaroulotte.com/

  • Chambéry carnival

    The streets of Chambéry are the place to be for this spectacle of floats and marching bands representing 30 organisations, as well as amazing contraptions and magical characters created by troupes of professional street performers!

    Plus d’infos : www.chambery.fr


  • Pharaonic

    For one evening, Chambéry’s biggest entertainment venue, Le Phare, becomes the biggest dance floor in the Savoie region.
    Come and dance to the best DJs around.
    Pharaonic plays host to a dozen DJs from the Savoie region, the rest of France and around the world. Clubbers can enjoy 7 hours of live, non-stop mixing.

    Plus d’infos : www.pharaonic.fr


  • House and garden show

    Over a period of 4 days, 330 exhibitors converge on the 30,000 m2 Parc des Expositions. Events include: gardening workshops, DIY workshops, talks on housing led by trade professionals, and a host of other activities. Organised by SavoiExpo

    Plus d’infos : http://www.habitat-jardin.com/

  • Grand spring street market

    One of the region’s biggest flea markets for private traders. Some 50,000 visitors and more than 2,500 exhibitors (private traders, dealers, sideshows…) each year bring the streets to life on Saturday night and all day on Sunday. It is organised over the final weekend in April by the “Chambéry en ville” traders’ association.

    Plus d’infos : http://chambery.ciss.fr

  • L’Echangeur de Sons

    Your ticket to wide-ranging musical experiences, this jazz and contemporary music festival, organised in Chambéry and around the Savoy region by the APEJS music school, will take you on a journey into jazz and rock and groove, give you a chance to stroll around amidst jazz quartets and booming brass bands, whisk you away to Italy or provide you with a front row seat where you can listen to up-and-coming young talents or veteran performers.
    In short, it provides a great opportunity to recharge your batteries to the accompaniment of the best contemporary sounds.

    Plus d’infos : www.lechangeurdesons.com


  • Festival du Premier Roman

    For more than 26 years, Chambéry’s Festival du Premier Roman has been an unmissable event for literature enthusiasts and those who are curious about the subject. Held annually in May, it features four days of lively events and discussions (open to all) in various locations around the city: ‘meet the author’ sessions, readings, themed forums, writing workshops, translation workshops, exhibitions, performances…

    Plus d’infos : www.festivalpremierroman.com

  • Course Odyssea

    Every year, the City of Chambéry is a partner of the Odysséa charity race. It is one of eight French cities which play host to the race. The aim of the event is to raise money to help beat breast cancer. All donations go to local charities which support those suffering from the disease.

    Plus d’infos : www.odyssea.info


  • Lafi Bala: Party time in Burkina Faso! (Odd-numbered years)

    Every two years since 1996, the City of Chambéry and the Chambéry-Ouahigouya Association have offered an opportunity to discover African culture: concerts, cinema, street arts, story-telling, talks, exhibitions… all this, and more than 80 guests from Burkina Faso! 100% free, 100% fun and 100% Burkinabé, the Lafi Bala festival offers a varied programme of things to discover and people to meet!

    Plus d’infos : www.lafibala.com

  • The Marché des Continents (Even-numbered years)

    Every two years, for 30 years, Chambéry City Council has invited local internationally focused organisations to come together at the Marché des Continents. More than 100 organisations, representing 42 countries, offer you an inclusive and multicultural world tour in a lively and friendly atmosphere, where values and good humour are the order of the day! Featuring a large number of activities such as street theatre, games, music and dance from around the world, the event is an opportunity to discover new environments, try new flavours and get to know the internationally focused associations of the Chambéry region.

    Plus d’infos : www.chambery.fr

  • The Tour des Pays de Savoie

    Staged on the roads of Savoie, Haute Savoie and the Val d’Aosta in Italy, the Tour des Pays de Savoie cycle race is open only to young amateurs and new professional riders under the age of 26. This multi-stage race is now one of the most arduous in its category… Classed as an official international race, the Tour des Pays de Savoie has become a valuable stepping stone towards a professional cycling career…
    With 20 teams taking part, the race is always a sight to behold as it winds its way along the region’s roads… A colourful ballet performed by around a hundred competitors who, once they mount their bikes, develop real warrior instincts…

    Plus d’infos : http://tourdespaysdesavoie.com


  • The Estivales en Savoie festival

    For more than 10 years, the Savoie Regional Council has staged this free arts festival, whose varied programme includes art forms of all kinds. The main courtyard of the Castle of the Dukes of Savoy has played host to world-renowned artists.

    Plus d’infos : www.estivalesensavoie.fr

  • Cultures of the world festival

    This traditional dance festival, organised by the Arts et Traditions Populaires La Savoie group, brings together France’s leading professional dance troupes. The World Folklore Festival: a unique intercultural and intergenerational exchange platform. Each year, the festival features an original musical and choreographic production in which traditional and modern dancers perform to an eclectic mix of rhythms ranging from classical music to hip hop.

    Plus d’infos : www.festivalchambery.com


  • The Foire de Savoie

    Occupying an area of 40,000 m2, this large scale economic event plays host to 400 exhibitors in the areas of housing, decoration, leisure, health and well-being… 10 days of entertainment and business, interspersed with a whole programme of events in the aisles and on the stage!

    Plus d’infos : www.foiredesavoie.com

  • The Bel-Air keyboard festival

    The successor to the Rencontres Artistiques de Bel-Air, this festival brings together international performers, up-and-coming young talents and local musicians who are experienced and well known exponents of the piano, harpsichord, organ and any other keyboard instrument. Recitals, concert-discussions, performances, spotlight sessions, new compositions… all of these can be enjoyed in the city’s outstanding buildings (the Cathedral, the Cité des Arts, the Charles Dullin theatre, the Town Hall, the Château de Caramagne…), or at the Bel-Air organ centre in La Ravoire.

    Plus d’infos : http://www.rencontresbelair.com


  • The comic strip festival

    The 3rd largest in France, the comic strip festival creates a convivial atmosphere between the authors and the public, making it an unmissable event.

    Plus d’infos : www.chamberybd.fr


  • The Festival International des Métiers de Montagne (International Mountain Trades Festival)

    Held in Chambéry every two years, the Festival International des Métiers de Montagne (FIMM) is designed to showcase and promote employment in mountain regions, enabling those interested in a mountain trade to converse with professionals.
    Lasting for 4 days, it is a valuable knowledge exchange platform and resource centre for both the general public and professionals. Discussions, which can take the form of round tables, debates or talks, are organised in one of the three villages: the professionals’ village, the training village and the employment village.
    But the festival also features a mountain exhibition area, where craftsmen and women demonstrate their expertise, and a wide range of activities for the whole family.

    Plus d’infos : www.metiersmontagne.org

  • Saveurs & Terroirs

    Discover the produce of the different regions of France and beyond… and enjoy the different activities on offer: free cookery lessons under the watchful eye of Michelin-starred chefs and the food critic Mercotte, demonstrations of the culinary arts of the Savoie region, the mini farm with chickens, pigs, goats, sheep…

    Plus d’infos : www.salonsaveurs.com


  • La Ronde Gourmande

    Authentic foods and original gifts to add the flavours and colours of our local products to your celebrations. An initiative of the Massif des Bauges and Massif de Chartreuse regional nature parks and the Savoie Mont Blanc Chamber of Agriculture.

  • The Christmas market

    Some forty chalets appear in the Place Saint Léger, at the heart of the old quarter.
    A friendly and festive atmosphere with mouth-watering fare – something to suit all tastes.
    Free events are organised for the duration of the Christmas market: Santa’s grotto, shows, concerts, choirs…

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