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Our quality commitments

Chambéry Tourist Office was awarded the Qualité TourismeTM label in 2012. This label recognises the quality assurance framework it has adopted in the following five areas: communication and information, expertise and interpersonal skills, the comfort and cleanliness of its premises, the sustainable development of the region and the upgrading of its tourism facilities, and the quality of the service provided.

By adopting this framework, the Tourist Office shows its commitment to offering you a warm and personal welcome, clear and precise information, qualified staff who are always happy to advise you, clean and comfortable premises, expert knowledge of the region and local tourist information to meet your needs.
So that we can provide a better welcome, dispense better advice and serve you better, Chambéry Tourisme & Congrès, a category 2 Tourist Office and holder of the Qualité TourismeTM quality label, pledges:

To protect its environment

  • To provide a pleasant and easily accessible reception area
  • To ensure that the premises and surrounding area are cleans
  • To encourage customers and visitors to respect the cleanliness of the premises

To understand and anticipate all customers’ needs

  • To provide a quick, efficient and permanent telephone service
  • To make it easy for customers and visitors to use the facilities by providing appropriate signage and making the premises fully accessible
  • To offer flexible opening times
  • To meet the specific needs of people with disabilities
  • To provide furniture on which customers can sit down

To offer clear information

  • To provide clear, reliable and up-to-date tourist information
  • To provide information about its products and facilities for visitors to the area in appropriate formats (paper and/or internet) and in at least two foreign languages
  • To provide access to its trilingual website and to local tourist information
  • To display opening times, weather forecasts and emergency telephone numbers outside the premises

To treat each customer or visitor as its guest

  • To be flexible in dealing with its visitors’ and customers’ requests
  • To provide a personalised welcome so that every visitor feels they are valued
  • To deal with unpredictable requests by offering alternative solutions
  • To listen to the opinions of its customers and visitors

To make each initial contact unique

  • To make a tourist advisor available to you
  • To deal with each customer or visitor as soon as they arrive
  • To respond to the needs of visitors by according appropriate attention to each individual
  • To facilitate communication with customers who speak foreign languages
  • To limit waiting times or ensure that they are acceptable

To evaluate the quality of its service and improve it

  • To collect and act on feedback from customers and visitors (deal with complaints)
  • To carry out an internal quality of service audit on a regular basis
  • To implement a quality of service improvement plan
  • To work closely with tourism organisations: Tourist Offices in neighbouring regions, Savoie-Mont-Blanc Tourisme, Rhône-Alpes Tourisme…

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