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Our organisation

Set up in July 2013, Chambéry Tourisme & Congrès aims to assert Chambéry’s tourism credentials by developing both leisure and business tourism.
A valuable commercial and marketing service for the destination, Chambéry Tourisme & Congrès is the preferred tourism tool in Chambéry and its region, catering not only for visitors but also for the town’s residents and policy makers.


Head Office

Manages and represents CTC (Chambéry Tourisme & Congrès), defines the objectives for each department and strategy.

  • Erich Debruères, General manager

Customer service and Information department

Welcomes and advises visitors, manages the premises, labels and resources associated with customer services, runs the ticket offices and the shop.

  • Florence Bertail, Manager
  • Marie-Hélène Chambon, Advisor
  • Gaëlle Rey, Advisor

Administration department

Handles administrative files, human resources, accounts and petty cash.

  • Marie-Christine Terrier, Manager
  • Stéphanie Chalbos, Comptable

Sales department

Develops, manages and markets tourism products designed for groups and individual customers and organises fact-finding tours for tourism professionals.

  • Séverine Armenjon, Manager
  • Julie Chavaribeyre, Chargée de mission Place de marché

Conventions department

Manages and markets the Le Manege congress centre, runs the Bureau des Congrès with the remit of developing business tourism.

  • Florence Fournier, Manager
  • Isabelle Delahaye, Bureau des Congrès project manager
  • Sophie Peraldo, Secretary and advisor
  • Patrick Jalico, Event coordinator
  • Ludovic Sauval, Event coordinator
  • Jean-Claude Ancelot, Technician

Mountains and Large-scale Events Department

Organises and stages mountain-related activities and events, develops and runs the mountain resource centre.

  • Monique Marchal, Manager
  • Ariane Ludecke, Project manager

Digital Department

Devises, develops and organises the CTC’s digital projects and its digital communication resources.

  • Marie Delaunay-Ribeyrolles, Manager
  • Bruno Jacquier, Webmestre

Publicity and Communications Department

Promotes the destination on the various national and international markets, develops communication tools and manages media relations and the tourism observatory.

  • Gérard Charpin, Manager

City of Art and History Department

Organises guided tours and workshops for all, introduces young people to architecture, urban planning and the landscape, and raises residents’ awareness of the heritage of the environment in which they live.

  • Sarah Dietz, Manager and heritage coordinator
  • Béatrice Roche, Management of adult groups
  • Catherine Frioll, Educational activity assistant
  • Sylvie Tomasena, Management of school groups
  • Sophie Mazlout, Management of school groups
  • Laurianne Dorel, Advisor
  • François Juttet, Advisor

Tourist guides

Share their knowledge and passion for Chambéry’s heritage with visitors.

  • Agnès Arnaud, Tourist guides (FR)
  • Michèle Berlioz, Tourist guides (FR, IT)
  • Philippe Black, Tourist guidesr (FR)
  • Brigitte Boiron, Tourist guides (FR, IT)
  • Marie-Jeanne Bouet, Tourist guides (FR)
  • Stéphane Bousquet, Tourist guides (FR)
  • Caroline Champetier, Tourist guides (FR)
  • Annabelle Chevret, Tourist guides (FR, EN)
  • Elsa Da Soller, Tourist guides (FR, IT)
  • Monique Dacquin, Tourist guides (FR)
  • Raffaela De Tuddo, Tourist guides (FR, IT)
  • Laurianne Dorel, Tourist guides (FR)
  • Béatrice Druhen, Tourist guides (FR)
  • Marie Eckly, Tourist guides(FR)
  • Florence Faure, Tourist guides(FR)
  • Catherine Frioll, , Tourist guides(FR)
  • Chantal George, Tourist guides(FR, IT, EN)
  • François Juttet, Tourist guides(FR)
  • Isabelle Lafay, Tourist guides(FR, IT, EN)
  • Mireille Lapierre, Tourist guides(FR)
  • Sophie Mazlout, Tourist guides(FR, EN)
  • Amélie Pilon, Tourist guides(FR, DE, EN)
  • Béatrice Roche, Tourist guides(FR)
  • Michelle Santelli, Tourist guides(FR)
  • Sylvie Tomasena, Tourist guides(FR, ES)